What If?

Face it. Our world is broken. We see violence, anxiety, depression, and all kinds of evil all around us.

What if we actually believed that God can transform a community? What would that look like?

  • Reduction of violent crime, domestic violence, suicide, theft, addiction, and abuse
  • Restoration of marriages and other relationships
  • An atmosphere of peace, love, joy, and hope over our city
  • A focus on helping people in the community and supporting missionaries and the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom
  • Financial prosperity for every resident

What if this starts in Hamilton, but spreads throughout New Jersey? How many lives could be changed? How could our nation be changed?

This seems like a pie in the sky vision, but we have seen God radically transform people's lives. If enough people's lives are transformed, the community will be transformed. We know that nothing is impossible with God. 

At Not Church as Usual, we are willing to do things outside of the box, including meeting as a house church, to see lives changed. And changed lives changes communities. Will you join us?

Be part of the change

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